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April Market Newsletter

April 12, 2013 at 5:02 AM

Welcome to the second Interfruit Market Report. In these handy reports we'll tell you what produce is tastiest, freshest and has the best availability.Don’t want to start with a negative but, I have to mention the weather again!  

The growers are beside themselves, they are struggling to produce and deliver the quality products we require. They have assured us they are doing their best to get the products and hoping the sun will start shining!  


We have had a problem with the availability of this product and with the price being unduly high at £1.85 per head, But the English will be starting to come through which will bring the price down.

Jersey Royal Mids have arrived, and are very good but the price is Fluctuating up and down, hopefully it will settle down as the season goes on.

**Potatoes in general are still a problem the growers are starting to see much more cracking and internal defects in their crops, the prolonged wet and cold, weather has been the major factors in generating the widespread problem, creating a short supply of good quality potatoes, which will push the prices up across the board on what will be available.

Asparagus – English is just starting to come through at £3.50 bunch.

Onions – Spanish onions are coming to the end of season and we will be going over to new season Chilean these will be more expensive.  

Spring Cabbage – Beautiful squeaky leaved cabbage looks and taste good and full of vitality

Imported – We have a lot being imported at the moment to get the quality, Leeks being one of them, along with the onions. 

What’s in Season or coming to a End

Broccoli - heads are very good at the moment and plenty of availability Purple Sprouting is coming to the end of season.


Spanish Strawberries first and foremost these are coming to an end we are struggling to maintain the quality and we are eagerly awaiting for the Belgium to start to get the consistency and quality we want. All being well this should be next week, we will go onto the English when they come through.

English Rhubarb This is still in short supply and expensive due to the weather. We are waiting for the Dutch to arrive however a prediction on the price is it's still going to be high.

Stoned Fruit – Such as Nectarines, Peaches and Apricots are fizzling out and best to be avoided.

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