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Market Report - Important Update

May 16, 2013 at 6:34 AM

Dear All

It is with some frustration that we are having to revise our prices on some produce which is a reflection of the current market and the nationwide cost increases.

The produce which have been subject to the price increase are now beyond our control. We have tried to maintain consistent pricing for these products for as long as possible, but we now have no alternative buy to increase prices on certain items.

Our prediction is the price surge will not be a long term problem and should balance and settle within a few weeks.

The products in question are:

Red /Green & Yellow Peppers: This is due to the Spanish coming to the end which have been coming through very poor quality.  As a result of this it has given us no choice but to change over to the Dutch to get the quality we all need.

Potatoes –  All potatoes  crops are still causing us a problem to get the quality and a stable price. They have gone up in price and with regret have to pass on the price increase.   

Lettuce – The produce affected are Little Gems, Cos, Iceberg & Chinese Leaf. The price increase is due to the fact that we're still using imported produce whilst we await the arrival of the English grown produce. 


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