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Market Report June/July

June 06, 2013 at 6:28 AM

Let's get down to business. Firstly an update from our previous report. We are still on the Dutch Peppers hence the price still being high. English is very late starting we have been informed they should start coming within the next 2 – 3 weeks.

Potatoes & Stoned Fruit update

which are repercussions of our exceptional Spring & Summer!

Potatoes - There is still a shortage of good quality crops and they still remain expensive. We are having difficulty in supplying Fondant potatoes. This is due to a insufficient supply on the size of potato we need to produce. The new season has started but size is a concern as they are undersized  Some good news to finish on though, Jersey Mids are excellent and the price has reduced to £1.95 per/kg

Asparagus – English is well into its main crop. The taste and the quality is good and very reasonably priced at only £1.95 bunch (250gm) (Please specify English when placing order)

What’s in Season :

  • English Strawberries have now started a bit expensive but very nice and tasty. (Must specify English Strawberries when ordering)
  • English Broad Beans have now come onto the market bit high in price (good quality)
  • English Peas have also started and again the cost is a bit high (good quality)
  • English Iceberg is finally available after such a late start prediction is the price will come down .


Imported – We have still have a wide range of products being imported at the moment to get the quality;

  • Honeydew Melons – Size will become better when the new season arrives.
  • Carrots are imported bit high in price but they are good quality and tasty.
  • Swede is out of season in the UK and is imported ,price is very costly.


Stoned Fruit  - Peaches ,Nectarines etc is also causing a bit of a stir as in an ideal world, it should be 20°C outside and sunny. This helps sell soft fruit but as we have had the coldest spring for years the inevitable delays in harvests and supply of not so soft  products  but they are available with a very flavoursome taste. Cherry and Apricots are available and we must say they are delicious!                                                                                                                                

Micro Herbs – Are available with a good selection which are proving very popular to use.


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