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May / June Market News

May 16, 2013 at 6:30 AM

Welcome to the third Interfruit Market Report. In these handy reports we'll tell you what produce is tastiest, freshest and has the best availability.Is Spring actually here!?  Either way the growers won’t reap the benefits just yet, which has the knock on effect on all of us but we will keep you updated.
Cauliflower - After a short supply, the availability it is back and at a more realistic price.

Potatoes- Jersey Royal Mids, only £2.50 per/kg taste is excellent and availability is very good.
* We continue to have problems with getting a good price on all potatoes the availability has improved ,but they are still fairly expensive.
Asparagus – English Asparagus is excellent at this time of year and we've got it a very special price of only £2.30 per bunch.
Cabbage – Spring Cabbage is still arriving daily and is excellent quality. Unfortunately English Savoy has now come to the end of season.
Micro Herbs- Good Varied selection of herbs with plenty of availability. Contact us for further information
Edible Flowers – Mixed flowers excellent (1 days notice required)
Tomatoes – English Tomatoes are available upon request but they are more expensive currently due to the weather.
*Mange Tout and Sugar Snap peas –are both in short supply but hopefully this will change in the coming weeks.
Imported – Spanish Strawberries still waiting for English to come in. We will be changing over as soon as they arrive and will keep you all posted.
Savoy Cabbage prediction on the price is higher than English
What’s in Season and what’s out
Broccoli- still in and good quality and plenty of availability
Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Back in a looking splendid
Romanesco Cauliflower - Looks and tastes delightful
Curly Kale  - Has come to an end and no longer available  


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