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Potato Guide

February 23, 2014 at 9:29 AM

Potato Variety Guide

As we are experiencing some usually bad weather, we have produced a quick guide to Potato varieties and which are the best ones for the job!

In our experience, during the main potato harvest, (July – November), We have found that ESTIMA and NADINE potatoes are quite versatile for Mashing and boiling.  But when the potatoes come out of cold storage, (November to July) we prefer a firm red potato (Desiree/Romano).
When Roasting and Frying we recommend, you use a Maris Piper or Maris Peerwhich is used all year round.  We do not recommend that Estimas and Nadine are used over the winter months, because the long cold storage affects the composition of the potato and it will change the appearance and taste of the product.

We have found this site very informative:

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