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Our Produce

At Interfruit we source and stock a huge variety of fresh Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy & Perishable goods. When the seasons permit we always try our best to use locally sourced produce.

Please see below for a breakdown of our produce areas:


Root Vegetables

Interfruit stock a wide variety of root vegetables from Carrots to Parsnips.


Salad Vegetables

We've also got salad vegetables covered from the ripest of cherry tomatoes to a nice iceberg lettuce.



Fresh herbs are the cornerstone of any recipe and we are able to supply a huge variety dependant on requirements.


Fresh Fruit

The ripest, freshest fruit is also available. Whether its avocado or blood oranges we can meet the demands of any order.


Fresh Berries

Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries are just some of what we can source. Our expert team constantly monitors markets ensuring you get the highest quality produce.


Dried Goods

We also stock a huge variety of dried goods.


Dairy Products

Milk and Eggs are just some of the dairy products we stock. 



Bloomers, Rolls, Ciabatta, whatever your requirements, our fresh breads are very popular.

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